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Homemade wine 2016. The first glass

Homemade wine 2016. The first glass

This is the first glass of wine from my 2016 homemade wine production. And to your own!

The product of a year’s work and expectations on the grape vines. Wine 2016!

Its color is pinkish as it contained a small amount of black grapes.

The taste is wonderful. Alcohol levels, above average.

The aromas are strong. They touch the palate and flood the nose from the first sip.

It certainly helped to add oak chips to the stainless steel container, which simulates the taste the wine would get if it were stored in an oak barrel.

It’s slightly cloudy because no chemicals or other methods were used to achieve transparency.

I pulled a very small amount from the stainless steel container. Just enough to taste. This was so it wouldn’t oxidize and change the color and flavor while in storage.

Homemade chemical-free wines are living organisms. They are affected by environmental conditions and contact with oxygen. They must be treated with due respect.

How to make your own homemade wine

You can find information on how to make homemade wine in the Vines-Grapes-Wine section of the blog.



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