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Store carrots in the freezer to keep them fresh

Prepare carrots for storing in the freezer

You may want to know how to store carrots in the freezer if you have an overproduction in your garden. What better way to be able to preserve carrots and eat them whenever you want!

This year I had quite a few carrots planted. As a result, the harvest yielded me several kilograms of carrots.

And what carrots! You just hold them and your hands get all smelly! Nothing like the ones we buy from the market.

There’s no way they can be eaten fresh. So they have to be stored and preserved.

The simplest way is to store them in the freezer. Then I will describe the process so you can repeat it yourself. In fact, if you have any other suggestions, please share them with us.

Washing the carrots

First, I washed the carrots thoroughly to get rid of the dirt on them. I washed them as best I could.

Cleaning – scraping the carrots

Scraping so many carrots is a real pain in the ass. The classic knife method is not effective. That’s why I used a grater as you will see in the next picture. I flattened the grater and rubbed the carrots against its surface to get the outer surface off. This method was effective and made the whole process much easier. Do you have anything better to suggest?

scraping the carrots with a grater

Next, I cut off both ends of the carrots. The peeled carrots were collected for the next phase of the process.

The remains of the carrots (scrapings and ends) would go into the compost. Nothing is wasted!

One of the larger carrots, the one I was most proud of, had a small black wound on its ribs. Something was wrong with it and I cut it in half. It turned out that inside it lived a wireworm.

A wireworm inside a carrot
A wireworm inside a carrot. Note the extent of the damage

Carrot shredding

Next, I cut the carrots into small pieces. The maximum length of each piece was 3 cm.

Scalding the carrots

Next, I scalded the carrot pieces for about 5 minutes in boiling water. I put the carrots in a large colander that I have, and immersed them in boiling water.

Scalding the carrots for 5 minutes
Scalding the carrots for 5 minutes

Drying carrots

After scalding, I rinsed the carrots in cold water.

The carrots must be dry before putting them in the freezer. First, I let them drain in the colander and then lay them out on a clean towel to absorb all the liquids.

Drying carrots

Storage in the freezer

I then place the carrots into food bags. I put the bags in the freezer.

Carrots put inside food bags in the freezer

With this method, you will have delicious carrots for your meals, all year round.

Carrots are soft after taking them out from the freezer?

Tip: If your carrots are soft after taking them out of the freezer, there is a simple trick to make them firm again. Place them inside water to regain their lost hydration. They will be crispy again.

Did you know that “in a freezer, dehydration causes shrinkage and damage of the product and an actual weight loss that reforms as snow. The snow that forms takes away weight and quality from the finished frozen product”? Read more at How to reduce dehydration in frozen products.

Good luck!


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