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String trimmer line for grass cutters. Types, sizes and uses. How to choose the right type

Κόψιμο χόρτων με χορτοκοπτικό

In this article, I’ll try to help you choose the right type, shape and size of a string trimmer line for your grass cutter. One that suits the job you want to do.

A grass cutter is a valuable tool when you need to cut weeds in the garden or field, or reduce the height on ground cover plants for landscaping purposes in a garden.

When it comes to cutting grass, one person has to deal with a plot with weeds up to their neck and another simply needs to trim the lawn or to trim their garden. and these with many variations and environments in between. Elsewhere, for example, he has only grass, and elsewhere he often encounters hard surfaces such as concrete, stones and trees. Elsewhere he has a 10 square meter garden covered by an electric grass cutter and elsewhere hundreds or even thousands of square meters of grass.

For these reasons, various types of string trimmer lines have been created for grass cutters. With different characteristics, prices and properties.

Grass cutters use a head from which a special thread comes out which, as it rotates at high speed, cuts the grass. This thread is called trimmer line. Some people call it a string trimmer line.

As you already know, you will find on the market, a variety of types with different diameters and shapes.

It is easy to get confused and be unable to decide which type is the right one. Is it worth spending more money and getting the expensive one, or will a cheap trimmer line do the job for you?

Trimmer line diameter

On the market you will find trimmer lines in various diameters.

Generally, we choose a larger diameter of the trimmer line when the weeds we want to cut are large and the stems are thick.

We choose a thin diameter when we have young weeds to cut or we just want to shorten them. To trim them.

Attention! Not all trimmer line diameters will fit the grass cutter you have.

Before you buy any trimmer line, I would suggest consulting the instructions for your grass cutter. There, the manufacturer will list the maximum diameter of the trimmer line that the machine will accept.

Trimmer line with 1.65mm to 2.0mm diameter

They are suitable for light work. For trimming grass and lawns. For very small gardens where you regularly cut the grass.

Trimmer line with 2.0mm to 2.7 mm diameter

They are suitable for medium-type work. Also used by professionals. It will cut larger weeds. If you have a larger garden.

Trimmer line with diameter larger than 2.7mm

They are suitable for weeds that have grown too much, for professional grass cutting, for large areas.

Types ( based on diameter shape) of trimmer lines

Τύποι μεσινέζας σχήματα
Types of trimmer lines: round, square, multi-sided, star-shaped, twisted

On the market you will find trimmer lines in one of the following shapes:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Multi-sided
  • Star-shaped
  • Twisted

There are more than one types, because each type is best for a different use.

Each type of trimmer line has its advantages and disadvantages.

Round trimmer line

The most common type of trimmer line.

Suitable for everyday use.

Does not wear easily when it comes in contact with cement, stones, tree trunks.

Ideal when you want to cut weeds that are still small, lawns, or to freshen up your garden.

It also wraps easily around the grass cutter head.

It is not suitable for coarse grasses. It does not make a clean cut. It will tire you out if you need to cut weeds that are overgrown, or have a thick stem.

Square trimmer line

Suitable for cutting large weeds with thick stems.

Because of its shape, it makes clean cuts.

It has good resistance when meeting concrete, stones, tree trunks. However, it does not have the same strength as the round shape.

For this reason, it wears out faster and needs more frequent replacement.

It is often chosen by professionals or those with large gardens and plots, because it makes the job of cutting grass less tedious.

Multi-sided trimmer line

Multi-sided trimmer lines come mostly in star, square or pentagonal shapes.

They are designed to make it easier to cut thick weeds with thick stems.

They are chosen by professionals and for professional jobs because they make clean cuts in a single pass. The clean cuts (so that the plants) are of great importance in gardens for professional use (e.g. hotels).

With a multi-sided trimmer line you won’t have to move the grass cutter left and right to cut the grass. One pass is enough.

Star-shaped trimmer line

Used when you need to cut many large weeds on large plots of land.

The shape of a star-shaped trimmer line makes it look like it has many blades.

This makes it easier to cut.

But it does not have good resistance when it comes across hard surfaces such as concrete, stones, tree trunks.

It is the choice of many professionals who want to get the job done quickly without compromising quality.

Twisted trimmer line

Its characteristic is low noise and durability.

It is mainly chosen by professionals when they want to make the least possible noise when cutting grass. For example when cutting grass next to a hotel or hospital.

But also by private individuals who want to reduce noise.

The twisted trimmer lines are an improved version of the round trimmer lines. It gives cleaner cuts.

It shows great durability when encountering hard surfaces such as concrete, stones, tree trunks.

Often used in electric grass cutters.


Now you know what types of trimmer lines are available for your grass cutter.

You can choose the right type depending on the location, area and size of the grass you need to cut.

Depending on the situation, you will be able to choose the ideal type without spending.



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