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Vegetables to plant in autumn and winter

Λαχανικά που Φυτεύουμε Φθινόπωρο και Χειμώνα

Which vegetables do we plant and sow for Autumn and Winter?

Autumn and Winter are a gardeners paradise. They can grow so many useful and delicious vegetables!

This is helped by lots of rain and that there are no hot days like in summer.

Most of you know this, so this is a respectful update for new garden lovers.

You can find a detailed list in the Sowing Calendar.

Autumn and Winter vegetables that stand out

How to get started? With seed or seedlings?

If you’re new or experienced garden and want definite results, choose to plant organic seedlings. You’ll find them in nursery shops.

Growing Tips

Have Bacillus thuringiensis on hand to protect broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage from caterpillars that will colonize them. Butterflies lay their eggs (small and yellow) on their leaves. These become caterpillars and eat the plants to make them grow. With Bacillus thuringiensis you prevent this whole scenario and eat the vegetables yourself. Not the caterpillars.

Prepare your growing space. Incorporate organic matter such as manure and compost into the soil.

Use wood chips to improve soil life and reduce water loss through evaporation.

Enjoy the whole process. Don’t get stressed. Watch the plants grow and bear fruit.

Share this experience with your children if you want to. Show them the wonders of nature.

And keep your “antennae” open. You will never forget your first time!

If you run into problems, consult the section Plant problems.

Good luck!


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